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Our reimbursement management portfolio supports compliance and cost savings

ObGynParadise offers ob gyn groups, hospitals and clinics complete reimbursement management services. The future of your practice depends on the effectiveness of your operational and reimbursement efficiency. Let your future be in safe hands.

OBGYN and Women's Specialty Practices


As an obgyn practitioner the challenges you face are immense. From handling nervous moms-to-be to dealing with unrealistic documentation and regulatory demands the pressure you face is unprecedented. Future proof your ob gyn practice with us.


Our services are built from the ground up for obgyn practices.


Leave nothing to chance. We have you covered.


Through revenue optimization and management we help you discover better and more efficient ways to lower your cost base, engage patients and maintain a healthy bottomline. Strengthen your foundational infrastructure to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Get highly specialized Medicare and Medicaid and commercial insurance reimbursement management services. We provide cost reporting, trend analysis, reimbursement consulting and help your ob gyn organization drive up revenue. Our homegrown reimbursement management technology resolve key revenue cycle issues by offering early insight into the blind spots of your revenue cycle. Our core offerings are:

  • Profitability analysis
  • Comparison reports
  • Internal compliance audits
  • Business valuation solutions
  • Feasibility analysis for new ob gyn services
  • Reimbursement benchmarking services
  • Fee schedule management
  • Benefits verification services
  • Tracking of revenue KPIs


The healthcare reimbursement continuum is fragmented. There are too many loose ends to tie up. With increased scrutiny over revenue cycle processes it is vital to ensure all the moving parts are working cohesively together. We provide services that integrate all the different threads that make up your revenue cycle fabric. And have a close understanding of how the interplay of various components can make or break your organization.

  • Chargemaster maintenance
  • Ob gyn coding compliance
  • Clinical documentation services
  • Periodic assessment of processes
  • Audit trails
  • Establishment of internal control points
  • Charge capture integrity
  • Identification of high-risk areas


It is not just about collections or remaining profitable anymore. To safeguard your ob gyn organization from being blindsided by surprise audits it is important to audit your revenue cycle. Our revenue auditing team perform through audits that cover high-risk areas. One off audits on randomly chosen processes will make your ob gyn practice vulnerable to audits and penalties. That is why we offer a structured, periodic and through revenue cycle auditing services.

  • Conduct pre-billing audits
  • Perform back-end audits
  • Retrospective revenue cycle audits
  • Identify and fix inefficiencies
  • Provide staff education
  • Develop work-plans to reduce risk
  • Certified revenue cycle auditors
  • Automated solutions to fix errors


Technology forms the bedrock of all your revenue cycle efforts. To thrive in the post-reform environment you need the right tech and tools. Our reimbursement management services offers you a suite of technology to meet every single reimbursement and compliance challenge you face.

  • Revenue cycle KPI reporting
  • Claims management
  • Communication management
  • Workflow management software
  • AR analysis system
  • Denial prevention system
  • Code auditing tools
  • Compliance checker