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Zero down on denials

Denial rates on first billing can be as shockingly high as 20% for ob gyn practices. With the costs involved in managing denials steadily rising it is imperative to put a cap on denials. Work with our ob gyn denial prevention team to lower your denial rate.

OB/Gyn Denial management




Automate your denial management process to reduce redundant efforts



It costs close to $4 to manage denials. Prevent them and avoid revenue drain.



We appeal and follow up on government and commercial insurer clinical denials


Unify denials, collaborate across departments and resolve critical issues

OB/Gyn Denial management system

Lower ob gyn denial rates

Ob gyn is a medical specialty with the highest denial rate. With the cost of working on denials upwards of $30 it is essential lower denial rates. Medicare alone 6.58% of the claims it receives. Reduce denial rate, analyze the root cause of denials to eradicate them and increase denial overturn with our specialized variance teams.


The knowledge capture within our denial management system helps in the eradication of recurrent denials.

OBGyn Medical billing reports

More visibility

How often have you given up on following up denials because it became too tedious? Are you fed up of opaque denial reports? Our denial management software puts the most powerful tool in your pocket – Information. Get on-demand denial reports and access the most important metrics that matter.


Our denial reports give you key insights and keep you in the loop. You can communicate with our denial management team effortlessly within TeamBillingBridge.

ob gyn denials

Expertise in ob gyn denials

From improper documentation of trimesters to miscoding obstetric claims we understand your most common reasons behind denied claims. Our denial management team prevent denials and overturn soft denials within an accelerated time frame. We have a 97% appeal success rate.

Around 20% of ob gyn claims are denied. You don’t have to be a part of this statistic. Work with our ob gyn denial prevention team today and discover better possibilities.