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Quicken your credentialing cycle

Credentialing can sometimes be a tedious time-consuming process. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it anymore. Leave behind your credentialing worries to us. We have extensive experience of working with federal, commercial and worker’s compensation insurance companies.    

Credentialing Service provider




Contract providers and complete the credentialing process on an accelerated time scale



Make sure all your providers are in-network. Reduce administrative burden and costs.



Get Medicare revalidation support. Shorten the credentialing cycle. Manage CAQH profile.

Move the needle of your credentialing process

OB/GYN credentialing Providers

The Whole Spectrum

From maintaining your CAQH profile to obtaining contracted allowables our CPCS & CPMSM certified team,  cover a wide spectrum. We handle managed care contracting issues and monitor contracts for expiry dates. We help ob gyn specialists get credentialed with federal, private and worker’s compensation insurance payers.


Standardize and optimize all your credentialing, privileging and provider enrollment processes. Be in compliance with accreditation standards and regulatory demands.

Credentialing and enrollment

Alignment & Coordination

Yes. Credentialing and enrollment processes need to be tightly coordinated. There is going to be a lot of to and fro between your inhouse staff and our teams. And it is all going to be carried out within simple clicks.


TeamBillingBridge is a workflow management and communication platform that puts everybody on the same page. Gain more efficiency and speed.

Obgyn insurance companies

Free Up Staff

Utilize your staff to offer best of line patient care. Take administrative stress and repetitive tasks off your plate. Our teams of credentialing, provider enrollment and privileging specialists provide the springboard you need to onboard new physicians or expand into new locations.


We work with healthcare insurance companies, both big and small. And understand complex processes and workarounds that come with the territory of working with insurers.