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Case Studies in Obstetrics Billing and Coding

Event Description

Coding and billing for obstetrics services is very challenging because there seems to be a significant number of variables that influence code selection.  This session will focus on discussing the key principles of OB coding and then illustrating the principles with relevant case studies.  Minor modifications will be made to the case studies to clarify how “small” changes to the circumstances can influence the codes that are selected and billed.



At the conclusion of this session, the attendee should be able to:

  • Assess various case studies to help identify the factors that influence a practice’s ability to bill globally for obstetric services.
  • Articulate the principles for billing additional related and unrelated E/M services, in addition to the global package.
  • Illustrate circumstances in which billing for obstetric diagnostic and procedural services are indicated and may be separately billable.
  • Advise providers on key documentation elements required to bill for complications that occur in relationship to obstetric services.


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    Live Webinar On

    • Tuesday, Feb 12, 2019


    Speakers Info

    OBGYN Experts

    Brad Hart

    Brad Hart, MBA, MS, CMPE, CPC, COBGC, is President of Reproductive Medicine Administrative Consulting, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in practice analysis, operational enhancement, and coding education.  He has nearly 25 years experience in medical practice billing, coding, administration, and education.


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