ObGyn Practice Challenges 2018 [Infographics]

OB/GYN Practice Management Challenges infographic

Ob-Gyn practitioners are busy professionals. What keeps them ticking despite numerous challenges, pressures, and setbacks? What are their biggest stressors? A survey conducted by Contemporary Ob-Gyn offers insights and answers.

As per the Contemporary Ob/Gyn survey, Obgyn practitioners across care settings share their experience of working in the specialty. And their major stressors are: 

  1. Coordinating with insurance companies
  2. Maintaining Work life balance
  3. Complex EMRs
  4. Increased administrative work
  5. Ineffective or burdensome technology
  6. Negative workplace environment


ObGyn Practice Challenges Infographics


This infographic illustrates the obstacles faced by ob gyn specialists and what keeps them going despite the odds being stacked against them. As mentioned earlier, it is caring for women throughout their lifecycle that is the major reason why ob gyns strive to provide quality care. But with increased regulatory pressures, the complexity of EMRs and shrinking profit margins it now remains to be seen whether ob gyn specialists are able to weather the storms ahead.